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Should you have a PPI Home Inspection before you offer your home for sale? The most recent and long-time-coming opinion of many realtors is that a Seller would benefit greatly, in most cases, from a thorough PPI home inspection prior to marketing so that they would know, in advance, the condition of their home components and systems.

It is disappointing when PPI performs inspections for buyers and discover deferred maintenance or defective roofs that could have been corrected or disclosed prior to acceptance of an offer. In some cases, both seller and buyer walk away from the sales agreement unnecessarily disappointed.

  Seller's Reports

A seller's inspection can help identify potential issues in the sale of your property and can indicate preventive measures, which might avoid future expensive repairs. Statistics show that pre-inspected homes sell faster, close faster, and sell for more money than homes that are not pre-inspected.

Use the PPI Seller's Inspection as an Internet sales tool. We will provide you with a link to you on-line report that you can give your realtor or publish with any another listing service. When prospective buyers see your listing on the web, they can view your PPI E-Report instantly. You can also have the PPI Home Inspector return to review any repairs you had completed. The repaired items can be cleaned up or removed from the report and a revised report will be placed with your listing.


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